Health Analyzers

Health Analyzers
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3D NLS HEALTH ANALYZER - Quantum Magnetic Resonance
Features of three-D NLS Bio-Resonance body Analyzer essential function: 1.Frame detection feature: ..
3D-NLS PLUS Analyzer-Nonlinear Healthy Life Detector
3D-Cell (3D-NLS Analyzer) PLUS Nonlinear Healthy Life Ditector: Introduction for 3D NLS  sub..
Rs.115,000.0 Rs.95,000.0
Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer
Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer and remedy Orignial Russian Updated Software 2016 Vector N..
Digital Therapy Machine
Multi-function Full Body Digital Electric Massager Therapy Acupuncture Machine VERY EFFECTIVE IN ..
Foot Reflextherapy Footwear
      Foot Reflextherapy Footwear It is well known when specific accupr..
Rs.995.0 Rs.499.0
Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India
Welcome to Hydrojal plus Alkaline water ionizer An Elegant Korean Design With World Class ..
Rs.35,500.0 Rs.32,000.0
IRIS Analyzer-2016 professional USB device
Features:    Nice appearance and innovative design LED illuminator around lens ..
Latest 41 Reports Original QRMA
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer -41 Reports: Specifications 1. can get report in on..
Rs.20,000.0 Rs.18,000.0
Original 3D-NLS Plus Health Tomography Scanner
3D-NLS PLUS: WIN8 STYLE Accuracy Of 85% Dual-Core Processor What is the nls scanner ..
Rs.115,000.0 Rs.80,000.0
Quantum Analayzer Software
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Software 39 Reports ..
Quantum Analyzer 3rd Generation Hand Touch Version 45 Reports
Palm version more accurate same as the sensor model  Take Your health exercise To a brand new ..
Rs.18,500.0 Rs.16,000.0
Quantum Analyzer 44 Reports Latest Version 2016 Model
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer -44 Reports: Specifications: 1. can get report..
Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large
quantum resonate magnetic analyzer entails high-tech innovation initiatives of drugs, bio-informatic..
Rs.11,999.0 Rs.9,500.0
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer- Mini
  39 reports of dual-core quantum - English version 01-  Cardiovascular and Cer..
Rs.16,000.0 Rs.12,500.0
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer-41 Reports
Specifications 1. can get report in one mintue  2. very professional  3. Good model ..
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer-41 Reports
  (EMI Facility Available) Quantum Resonance Magnetic Health Analyzer (41 Reports): Sp..
Skin Analyzer-2016 professional USB device
Item specifics Lens:: 30X Pixels: 5.0M Software language:: english Certificate: CE/EU Descripti..
Vector NLS - Original Russian Bio Resonance Technology
Conditions treated with Bio resonance therapy: Allergies, ADHD, Acute Infectious Diseases, Bronc..
Millimeter Wave Therapy Instrument
Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine User Manual Welcome to Use Millimeter wave Therapy Machine..
Hydrojalplus Alkaline water ionizer