Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India

Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India
Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India Hydrojalplus Alkaline Water Ionizer by Univ Multi Trade - India
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Welcome to Hydrojal plus Alkaline water ionizer An Elegant Korean Design With World Class Japanese Technology High End Alkaline Water Ionizer- Univ Multi Trade.

Alkaline ionized water is not only a powerful anti-oxidant, fights inflammation, but now is also proven to have therapeutic health benefits because it contains diatomic molecular hydrogen.


This product is connected directly to tap water and creates alkaline reduced water by first purifying the water with two special hybrid filters, then ionizing the water using 3 or 5 platinized titanium plates.


Superiority and differentiation:
99.ninety nine% pure white gold titanium of electrolysis plate
Core-technical device and patented electrolysis structure
High overall performance of electrical current and voltage machine
Create eight types of water and display on 7ph colours
One contact operation. vehicle-cleansing, car drainage of stagnant water after utilization
76 Programmable of PH for coming into situation
Licensed fabricated from accurate design via "Ministry of knowledge financial system" in Korea
It efficiently makes use of kitchen space and creates a creates a rather stylish cooking surroundings with living layout searching desirable without revealing itself Although it's miles positioned everywhere in indoor area with stylish and sleek layout.

2 Years Warranty

An stylish Korean design With international elegance eastern generation excessive stop Alkaline Water Ionizer- Univ Multi Trade

The Concept Of Alkaline Water :

The simple necessity for every living body on planet earth is water. Survival with out it's miles impossible. consumption of water is growing with the boom in population. If intake of water is so crucial then you definitely should ensure that it is innocent and natural. An person human frame has 5-7% of water and only 20% of it can be used to maintain your body properly hydrated. If the water percent isn't maintained it reasons dehydration in order to bring about low blood pressure, dizziness, excessive thirst, fatigue, nausea and headache. natural consumption of water may be very vital. Medically it's been proved that intake of alkaline water prevents our body from sicknesses and its anti-oxidants properties are greater beneficial than vitamin A, C, D, selenium and carotene. Alkaline water can be produced via the usage of water ionizer, placing alkaline elements in water and by using the usage of a water distiller. Alkaline water advantages can be carried out by using consuming this water, including on your drinks or cooking meals in it.

The subsequent are the alkaline water benefits-
*It prevents getting older- growing older of the human being is as a result of the presence of unfastened radicals which decays and a long time the body. Alkaline water acts as antioxidants which lessen the loose radical which reasons growing older and continues the pores and skin hydrated. It also enables in growing skin moisturizing and pores and skin elasticity due to tiny water clusters which are found in ionized water. It also reduces age spots and wrinkles.

*Flushes out Impurities and pollution- This water reduces impurities and pollutants which gets gathered within the human frame. The ionized belongings of the water purifies the device and the anti oxidants in it reduces DNA damage of the mobile for better functioning of the body thereby growing the lifestyles span and toughness.

*higher Kidney functioning - Acid waste created from the every day diet of individual gets into his bloodstream. Kidney capabilities in decreasing this acid and getting rid of toxins from the body. With the help of alkaline water kidney’s performance may be elevated.

*Improves Immune machine- The consumption of alkaline water improves the immunity of the individual and prevents someone from persistent cell dehydration that is caused due to loss of water intake. Dehydration can make the machine weak thereby contracting various sicknesses.

*Promotes weight reduction-Alkaline water benefits consumption regularly can help in dropping weight as it's far a appetite suppressant which allows in curbing starvation, it also allows in burning energy.

*Prevention from sicknesses- Alkaline water is absorbed inside the frame cells which minimizes the accumulation of acid wastes, thereby making the frame less at risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases, gout and high blood pressure.

*help in better digestion- This water aids digestion as it facilitates in greater saliva production which takes the meals through the digestive tract. It also increases metabolism fee and flushes waste from the body.

*affords better attention- Like maximum part of the frame, mind additionally wishes water as mind has ninety% water content material. ingesting greater water allows in higher alertness, capability to system records and higher concentration.

*The alkaline water blessings the frame now not only through its strength to fulfill thirst but also from the numerous advantages mentioned above. intake of this water wills balance all your wishes with out a great deal of an effort. Hydrating and replenishing of the body is a should but quality of water is likewise essential which can be accomplished by way of investing in an excellent alkaline water ionizer.

EMI Option Available.

What does a water ionizer do?

A domestic water ionizer filters and situations water using electrolysis. whilst in use, the machine produces ionized or electrically charged water that has distinctive chemical properties than the authentic faucet water. Taking filtered faucet water in, the device outputs each alkaline or decreased water (water with focused OH- ions); and acidic or oxidized water (water with concentrated H+ ions) via separate exhaust ports. The water produced provides many fitness benefits for animals and human when fed on and that has many different useful family uses. A home water ionizer additionally protects your fitness through also filtering your drinking water. It ensures that the water you drink and prepare dinner with is properly conditioned, smooth and healthy.


Why is drinking water from a home ionizer beneficial to our health?

scientific, peer-reviewed literature commonly refers to ionized water as "electrolyzed reduced water", or ERW. scientific studies and literature has proven that ERW reveals sturdy fitness-improving benefits. most importantly, it has an antioxidant impact. that is because of the presence bad hydrogen ions. H-ions are present inside the water in a clustered form, in which each terrible hydrogen ion is surrounded by way of a cage (or cluster) of water molecules. The ionized water also suggests a discounted cluster size and decreased surface anxiety. The reduced cluster length and decreased surface tension, which can be created through the presence of the H-ion, are also believed to have beneficial fitness outcomes whilst the water is fed on.
The electrolysis remedy makes 3 crucial changes to the water chemistry:

1. Electrolysis changes the ORP value of tap water from +500mv to -150~-800mv.

-- Alkaline (reduced) water contains a moderate negative electrostatic rate (surplus electrons). This – ORP (Redox potential) provides a powerful antioxidant gain to whilst fed on. It allows scavenge and neutralize harmful free radicals which might be associated with ageing and health troubles. 
Ionized Alkaline (decreased) water with ORP values of -250 to -350 mV, donates its electrons to volatile oxygen radicals and blocks the interaction of the energetic oxygen with regular molecules. This reduces the energetic oxygen (AO) and renders it harmless. Undamaged organic molecules are much less susceptible to contamination and disorder. Ionized reduced water additionally inhibits immoderate fermentation inside the digestive tract via decreasing not directly metabolites which include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamines, indoles, phenols and scatoles, resulting in a cleanser stool inside days after reduced water is taken on a ordinary basis. In 1965, the Ministry of Welfare of Japan introduced that reduced water obtained from electrolysis can prevent ordinary fermentation of intestinal microbes. The -ORP (Oxidation discount potential) fee of ionized water is a measure of the antioxidant benefit. The greater poor the ORP cost, the greater scavenging gain.

2. Electrolysis changes the pH value of the water

-- Alkaline water allows stability the body chemistry and hold gold standard pH degrees. ingesting alkaline water improves the frame's capacity to buffer acids and flush acidic residues.
The pH level of tissues, body fluids and organs is tightly regulated. The body keeps a blood pH degree at around 7.35 -7.forty five. Enzymes and other proteins feature well inside this ultimate pH range. Acidifying foods in our eating regimen (inclusive of meats, starches, sugars, alcohol and different processed food merchandise), or other environmental may additionally stress the frame to hold a pH stability inside this foremost pH range. The body makes use of many techniques to hold pH values in the premiere range. more often than not importantly, it relies on high pH fluids, along with water, that act as solvents to neutralize acid residues. It additionally makes use of electrolyte buffers like sodium, calcium and potassium to bind acids, which might be then eliminated thru the urine. however some of the techniques it uses to alter pH might also have poor effects within the long term. humans with a commonly trending acidic body tend have a weaker immune machine and might enjoy a wellknown physical deterioration, emotional anxiety & trepidation, terrible metabolism, weaker excretion device, and a propensity to constipation. long time suffers are also liable to illnesses along with hepatitis, cancer, palsy, hypertension, heart disorder, diabetes, anxiety sickness and others. everyday use of Alkaline consuming water can assist flush acidic residue from the body and assist repair our greatest pH stability. In international locations around the sector, many cities sterilize their water with Chlorine. Chlorine reasons ingesting water to emerge as acidic. Alkaline water also consists of many useful mineral ions like calcium, magnesium, potassium and other useful trace minerals. those electrolytes bring a (-) fee that improves the absorption charge within the frame.

3. Electrolysis temporarily alters the molecular structure of the water

–- Promotes better Hydration
The bonds between the water molecules are fragmented and the cluster length of the molecule turns into temporarily smaller. This smaller molecule cluster length permits for better absorption with the aid of the frame. This promotes higher hydration and faster recuperation from fatigue.
other advantages of Alkaline Water encompass:
1. cleansing the liver – Alkaline water has been proven to boom stages of antioxidants that guard the liver and help it work more correctly.
2. lowering cholesterol levels – research has shown that ingesting alkaline water can reduce your ldl cholesterol degree, while growing the ratio of top (HDL) cholesterol to awful (LDL) cholesterol.
3. weight reduction - Alkaline water can help the frame rid itself of stored fatty acids. consuming water certainly suppresses the urge for food and helps the body metabolize fats.


What’s the difference between a water purifier and water ionizer?

Water cleaner is usually a basic tool for home use that filters chemical compounds and impurities. Purifiers are unable to alternate the pH values, ORP values or the structure of water molecules. A water ionizer makes use of electrolysis to adjust water pH and ORP values and molecular cluster structures of the water. It conditions the water chemistry for the person. The pH price of the output can be selected for distinct uses; drinking, cooking, washing, recovery, and so on.


What important features do water ionizers have?

Water Ionizers have the following vital functions that separate product stages and costs:
1. person interfaces shows: IonTech Ionizers vary from units with easy monochrome liquid crystal display panels and mylar buttons; to extra state-of-the-art touch panel displays displaying numerous unit features.
2. wide variety of Electrolysis Plates: IonTech Ionizers may vary with gadgets having three,5, 9 or even 11 plates relying on fine and fee. more plates way the pH value may be adjusted via a bigger variety and the ORP cost has a higher workable range.
3. Plate, membrane & filter substances: distinctive manufactures use specific grades of materials for these 3 vital additives. IonTech merchandise use jap inspected and certified plates and ceramic membranes. Our activated charcoal filters are NSF accepted.
four. machine Settings: IonTech Ionizers have numerous gadget and person settings that are adjustable from the manipulate panel. these encompass; electrolysis tiers, pH adjustment, cleaning, utilization video display units and others.
5. Switching-Mode power deliver (SMPS), strength saving, extra performance.


pH and ORP are two very important measurements to assess the chemistry and suitability of drinking water.

pH (Potential Hydrogen)

The pH value of an aqueous answer is measured on a scale of 0 to fourteen with excessive acidity being zero and extreme alkaline being 14. pH values represent the hydrogen ion (H+ and OH- ions) interest inside the answer and replicate the tendency of hydrogen ions in the approach to engage with other components of the solution. pure (neutral) water contains equal concentrations of H+ and OH- ions and has a pH around 7 at 25 °C (77 °F). This pH fee varies with temperature. while an acid is dissolved in water, the water will incorporate a better concentration of H+ ions and the pH will lower to less than 7 (if at 25 °C (77 °F)). when an alkaline is dissolved in water, the water will incorporate a better attention of OH- ions and the pH will increase to more than 7 (if at 25 °C (77 °F)).

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential or Redox Potential)

ORP is a degree of the presence of oxidizing or decreasing sellers in a solution. in the course of a reaction among additives in a solution, there may be a tendency to transfer electrons among the additives. The element with a decrease (more negative) ORP will will be predisposed to lose an electron and is stated to be "decreased". The aspect with a better (extra high quality) ORP will will be inclined to benefit electrons and is stated to be "oxidized". ORP of answer is measured in millivolts (mV) with a specialized electrode meter. The more terrible the OPR analyzing, the extra the substances' tendency to provide away electrons and be decreased; the greater wonderful the ORP studying, the greater the substances' tendency to pick up electrons and be oxidized. Ionized water devices simultaneously produce water with two stages of ORP, one with a high reduction capability → alkaline water; and one with a excessive oxidization capacity → acidic water.

How is Alkaline (Reduced) & Acidic (Oxidized) Ionized water produced?

A water ionizer electrolyzes water with direct modern voltage (DCV). A special attachment re-directs tap water out of the tap via a plastic hose into the ionizer unit. internal, the water is first filtered thru activated charcoal. 
every ionizer unit has a specially engineered electrolysis chamber equipped with platinum-lined titanium electrolysis plates. those plates are connected to a negatively(–) charged electric terminal and a positively(+) charged electric terminal. The filtered water flows into the chamber and is directed via a ceramic membrane that is located between the charged electrolysis plates. as the water flows, an electrical fee is exceeded thru the terminals that electrifies the plates. because it flows, the water is conditioned by the electrical rate from the plates. The conditioned or 'Ionized' water then exits thru  ports; (an alkaline port and an acidic port). Cations are drawn to the negatively charged plate to supply cathodic water (reduced water). Anions, negatively charged ions, are interested in the positively charged plate to provide anodic water (oxidized water). 
The (-) cathode attracts minerals including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and others and the water surrounding the terminal turns into alkaline with an boom in hydrogen ions (H+). The anti-cathode terminal draws ions along with oxygen, sulfuric acid, sulfur and the water surrounding the terminal becomes acidic with an growth in hydroxide ions (OH-). The decreased water produced thru electrolysis not simplest carries an extra quantity of electrons (e-), however the cluster length of the H2O molecules seems to be shrunk from approximately 10 to 13 molecules consistent with cluster to five to six molecules in keeping with cluster. The water discharged from the alkaline port has a better pH fee and includes minerals, like Calcium and Magnesium, which might be in a form that is more appropriate for the body to assimilate.
Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and different minerals can commonly be observed in ingesting water. but those minerals in are complicated, inorganic and really solid. these aren't without problems assimilated by the frame. however, minerals in ionized water are separated into ions with (-)ORP. these ions unite with the acidic residues with effective ions. They act as buffering retailers which can be effortlessly assimilated and removed by way of our our bodies.


General User pH Instruction Tables for Water Ionizers



General Installation methods for Water Ionizers



What are household uses for ionized water?

Ionized water has several household makes use of. Alkaline water can be used for drinking, cooking, washing meals (gets rid of oil and dirt) and cleansing. Acidic water may be used for laundry meals (eliminates chemical substances), washing, bathing, and as an antiseptic.
decreased Water: Alkaline
1. ingesting - Alkaline water after exercise is greater effective at replenishing the body's electrolyte balance than other waters because of its smaller water molecular cluster. it is more without problems absorbed by the frame. It also facilitates fight fatigue and promotes recovery. ½ a pitcher an hour before bedtime is also stated to improve sleep.
2. Cooking - Alkaline water permits rice and different grains to absorb water more effortlessly. food chefs faster because of the smaller water molecules in ionized water. Alkaline water also enhances herbal taste. 
3. blending liquids - Tea, espresso and others - Alkaline water provides taste and brings out the great in liquids. beverages taste smoother and don’t have an acidic taste or tang.
four. Washing greens - Alkaline water allows you get the maximum flavor and flavor from raw greens in salads, etc. It gets rid of a number of the bitter tastes that a few acidic veggies have. 
Oxidized Water: Acidic
Oxidized water with its redox capacity of +seven hundred to +800 mV is an oxidizing agent which can withdraw electrons from micro organism and kill them. 
1. skin care - Acidic water could be very powerful astringent that for pores and skin and hair. outside use can bring lower back the smoothness to pores and skin and sheen to hair.
2. plant life - live clean longer when soaked located in diluted acidic water (1:2). 
3. Disinfecting and sterilizing - Acidic water kills many kinds of micro organism. Use it for brushing tooth, disposing of plaque and fighting gum disease and sore throat. It also enables take away some external fungus and relieves itching.
four. cleansing - Acidic water sterilizes work surfaces, cups and dishes. 
five. treat athlete's foot, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, and so forth. 
6. healing - Hyperoxidized water has verified effective in japanese hospitals inside the treatment of bedsores and operative wounds with complex infections.


Does the quality of ionized water decrease over time?

To get the total effect of Ionized Water, it need to be ate up sparkling right out of the ionizer. We endorse use within 18 hours of electrolysis. Water at once from the ionizer is loaded with hydroxyl ions could have thousands of tiny bubbles in it. those ions (proven by means of -ORP) offer the antioxidant advantages from drinking ionized water. research has observed that the newly ionized water is greater effective than refrigerated or saved ionized water. ORP values are greater negative and the molecular cluster structure of the water is optimum if fed on clean. The ionized water's potential to get rid of loose radicals additionally diminishes with time. even as the freshness and outcomes of ionized water may additionally lower through the years, it's far nonetheless useful for human health.


Is ground water suitable for ionization?

We do no longer normally suggest using unprocessed floor water with an ionizer drinking water system. floor water is not examined nor handled by using town or municipal water works. Heavy metal or chemical contamination is frequently viable. We propose ground water be treated before it's far suitable for water ionizers.


Is soft water or hard water more beneficial for the human body?

The hardness of water depends at the density of calcium and magnesium salts contained in it. Water is taken into consideration hard if the amount of minerals is over 150mg in keeping with liter of water; middle tough water is 70~150mg, and underneath 75mg is considered soft. barely tougher water incorporates herbal calcium and magnesium. The activated calcium and magnesium in ionized water has been proven to be are beneficial to wellknown health. in the right quantities these ions deliver the cells of our blood vessels unique safety.


Is bottled water optimal for health?

Most bottled water is either pure, distilled water or mineral / spring water. To save you bacterial increase and sell sanitary packaging, some producers use chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in bottles as a sterilant. This offers the water barely a acidic pH cost. As mentioned above, everyday consumption of alkaline water promotes better, long-term health.





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