Digital mini handy body Fat Analyzer with lcd display

Digital mini handy body Fat Analyzer with lcd display
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1. Wireless, handheld, lightweight, portable, easy to carry and use.
2. Easy to read with large LCD screen.
3. Personal profile set-up and memory makes monitoring quick and easy.
4. 9-person-profile memory.
5. Measures your body fat percentage, BMI, body shape and basic metabolism.
6. Display the correct result in 6 seconds.
7. After inputting your personal data, a measurement can be started by simply  holding the grip lectrodes and pressing the start button. Since the analyzer is built with a nine person profile memory, each member of your family or team can  track the success of their individual exercise routines.
8. Body shape is categorized into: emaciated, standard, hide corpulent, muscle  corpulent and corpulent.
9. Power supply:2 ?AAA batteries (not included)
10. Energy saving with auto shut-down function.
11. Not only a recommended household instrument, but also a perfect gift for  relatives and friends.
12. Body Fat Percentage is calculated by the five data in the formula that are  height, weight, age, gender and the resistance value between 2 palms. This  formula is developed among different people groups and has been tested. It is  categorized into : low, standard, slightly high and high.
13. BMI is calculated by : weight (KG) / square of height (M). It is categorized  into : emaciated, standard, slightly obese and severely obese. Body shape is  categorized into : emaciated, standard, hide corpulent, muscle corpulent and  corpulent.
14. Basic Metabolism Rate is calculated according to the input personal data. It  shows the regular daily heat consumption except the heat consumed during  sporting.
15. Note: For the special groups, such as athletes and pregnant women, the body  fat percentage and BMI cannot reflect the obesity correctly.
16. Color: Silver
17. Set Item: 
Groups: One visitor group + nine member groups
Height: 100~199.5cm
Weight: 10~199.8kg
Age: 10~99 years old.
Temperature & Humidity of Usage: 10~40 C, 30%~85RH
Temperature & Humidity of Storage: -20~60 C, 10%~95%RH
18. Push button: SET, POWER, START, UP, DOWN.
Energy saving with auto shut-down function

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