Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer

Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer
Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer
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Diagnostic complex Vector NLS analyzer and remedy Orignial Russian Updated Software 2016

Vector NLS  is an advanced Russian updated equipment Software Machine

whole fitness test with Bio-Resonance scan

lifestyles Resonance Intelligence machine

Vector NLS therapy

Vector NLS aura feature

vector nls machine scans more than 1000 organs and tissues on a cell level, which in addition to detect and restore the human body, can come across a person's temper.

∙ 10 Minute diagnosis

∙ Oberon Scanner

∙ Bioresonance therapy

∙ health developments

∙ complicated analysis

∙ Biofeedback tool

∙ not facet effects

short ∙ Painless ∙ innocent ∙ inexpensive ∙ dependable

Vector 10D-NLS analyzer is the brand new in Non-invasive gadget for Bio-Resonance and NLS evaluation of the Human frame together with remedy, remedy training, nutrients tips and supplement checking out.

Vector NLS health analyzer may be utilized by everybody who's inquisitive about fast and effectively analyzing the health in their sufferers, customers, buddies, circle of relatives or employees.

Functional Features Of Machine:

- quicker and solid vector bioresonance Vector Diagnostic Complex NLS fitness analyzer

- advanced 8-core processors

- The detection pace is very short

- common time of scanning, 2-three seconds

- Defines in more detail the diagnoses

- Base standards substantially expanded and continue to grow

- evaluation of the chakras and aura

What can vector bio comments NLS device trying out -

∙ complex analysis of all organs and structures of the human frame

∙ The cardiovascular gadget

∙ Gastro-intestinal tract

∙ Genital-urinary system

∙ Musculoskeletal system

∙ Bronchi-pulmonary system

∙ The endocrine device

∙ visible and hearing aids/organs

∙ The frightened system

∙ Biochemical evaluation of blood without interference

∙ infection inside the organs and structures - viruses, micro organism, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so forth)

∙ Qualitative evaluation of hormone tiers, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

∙ stage of immunity

∙ allergic reaction prognosis (complex assessments as much as 500 allergens)

∙ medical checking out (man or woman selection of medicine)

∙ Chromosomal analysis

∙ Laboratory evaluation (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)

∙ remedy of pathological approaches identified via the bio resonance remedy (meta-remedy)

∙ The treatment approach litho-remedy (spectral frequencies personally selected minerals)

∙ fear, Emotional Matrix, courting Matrix

Bioresonance Innovation Technology -

Bioresonance is communication between a living life form and its recurrence designs that encompass or resound as the aftereffect of the life forms developments. Bioresonance treatment with DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS gadget biofeedback is correspondence set between the recurrence of a man physical body resonates and the getting of these signs by the DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS bioresonance equipment.

There are more than 12,000 known maladies/allergens that can possibly influence your physical body. Some of these disorders can be brought on by the scarcest touch of an influenced surface or bring up in anxiety level. Why not utilize DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS to guarantee that you are in the best condition physically and inwardly…

The study gave understanding into the vicinity of aggravation, degeneration, and decay with respect to the significant body frameworks. Another broadly utilized technique for vitality examination includes a strategy called air investigation, which is measured by the utilization of Kirlian photography.

An atmosphere is the electromagnetic field that encompasses each living being and is showed in the physical field by electrically charged items that speak to themselves as distinctive hues that encompass the body. This electromagnetic field can give data with respect to a man's enthusiastic state, the nature of awareness and will decide the level of wellbeing in regards to an individual organ and organ frameworks.

The human mind will get a sign in regards to the need to test one or more organs of the body, which flag is shown on the PC screen and is caught in the earphones of subject. The sign speaks to a progression of electromagnetic motions normal for solid organs. Each human body has its own specific range of electromagnetic motions. The inquiry with respect to the condition of the wellbeing can be investigated, and in light of an inquiry, the subject's cerebrum gives an answer, which is then seen by the sensors. The result speaks to the condition of the body life form.

The Diagnostic Complex NLS gives a reaction no utilization of radiation. The correspondence is basic, compelling, and data accumulated about the organs gives an exact investigation, in this way empowering the acknowledgment of changes at the phone level before the indication of a genuine diseases.

Conditions dealt with with Bio-resonance therapy:

hypersensitive reactions


Acute Infectious illnesses

Bronchial bronchial asthma

Autoimmune sicknesses

Degenerative natural illnesses

Rheumatic sicknesses


Gynecological issues together with:

- Painful Menstruation

- Hormonal Imbalance

- Pre-natal remedy

Immunodeficiency of varied origin

put up-Vaccine headaches

Intoxication and toxic strain

Headache and Migraine

Mycotic and Parasitic disorders

All types of pain

Neurodermatitis and Eczema

sports activities injuries

Metabolic diseases

Pre and Postoperative remedies

Secondary Viral disorders

Urological issues

and greater More

variety of Practioners :

folks who fall under any of the following categories are welcome, recommended and could find benefit in the usage of and having a DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS biofeedback device.

circle of relatives doctors

The tool permits detecting and tracking the expression of genetically caused illnesses amongst all circle of relatives members

CLINICS AND scientific devices

substantially will increase the efficiency of scientific exam and the initial reception. notably decrease expenses of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and regularly formal work. No need to send your customers to other specialists, you can help them with the aid of inspecting all the worries they've and offering treatment, and healing strategies.

education centers AND colleges

will become a real non-stop tracking of the fitness of all youngsters and body of workers at intervals of no longer less than as soon as a month, the potential to assess the adequacy of pupil’s health.

sports activities, exercise facilities AND health facilities

objective clinical monitoring is needed each time there is a serious workout. This device lets in us to create an individual program, contemplating features of the organism.

family AND pals

DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-nls is a top notch device to screen the health of your family and friends. presents method of checkup, treatment and recovery while not having to spend big quantities of budget on fitness care services.


subject approximately the health of its clients - a completely robust aggressive trump card. objective evaluation of the client can pick person beauty software and reap dazzling outcomes.

Accuracy & comparison :

the most question that arises while giving consideration to the DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX NLS tool is how the device differs from the loads of different devices already being sold available on the market. even as all companies attempt to convince human beings that there is a few massive difference inside the feature in their devices, the truth is that they all function consistent with comparable ideas. The DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS is considered a biofeedback tool and the maximum sizable difference in biofeedback gadgets is the technique in which the prognosis is being performed. a few devices work with radio frequencies while others accumulate facts from the heart beat and moisture gift in the skin. The DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS, but, functions in the realm of processing information in the electromagnetic discipline at the same time as additionally incorporating other strategies of evaluation.

The DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS is designed to offer the maximum accurate diagnostic results as it specializes in the supply, the brain, consequently, the thoughts is in which we start amassing statistics at the changes that occur in the frame. The sensors inside the headphones positioned at the ears of the concern will cause the mind to communicate the frequencies that arise in the frame. each and each change at the cell stage could be detected and recognized, whether the challenge is bacteria, virus, parasite, or any sickness manifestation or biochemical being, it'll be detected by popularity of its particular frequency/signature and be identified via call and development degree.

The DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS employs a remedy method designed to reinforce the frame and beautify the body’s herbal recovery to health. The mixture of such recuperation modalities as acupuncture, iridology, air of mystery detection and others decorate the tool’s accuracy of prognosis. using this device presents the practitioner and client an possibility much like one-prevent-shopping; touring the professional for an entire evaluation and not having to attend weeks for the outcomes.

the point of interest is the diagnostic element, and the entirety this is religious, emotional or intellectual turns into secondary. Our bodies are high-quality, and of path the recovery of one’s body has the whole thing to do with the faith and health of a strong mind.. Our evaluation is ninety%-ninety five% accurate because this system allows the operator to research regionally and in element. The sensors inside the headphones are designed to as it should be recognize unique frequencies while the patient/customer is gift.

maximum biofeedback gadget operates on a comparable principle; precise software program aids in offering the most accurate analysis and the sensors identify the unique frequency which facilitates inside the return to desirable health. compared to different devices on the market, the DIAGNOSTIC COMPLEX-NLS seems to be the most user friendly device that gives exemplary accuracy. With its ease of simplicity, it's far designed to be used by everyone, practitioner or non-practitioner; anybody who takes a proactive method and strives for properly fitness and properly-being.

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