Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large

Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large
Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large Quantum Health Analyzer -Extra Large
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quantum resonate magnetic analyzer entails high-tech innovation initiatives of drugs, bio-informatics, electric engineering and other sciences. the use of the quantum medicinal drug as the theoretical basis, it applies the superior electronic equipment to accumulate the susceptible magnetic discipline of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby studying and determing the tested man or woman’s health popularity and foremost troubles. Prevention guidelines may be made based totally at the check reviews. Quantum fitness Analyzer is an instrument designed to test health and sub-fitness in a rapid and non- invasive way. It has the advantages of comppleteness, practicality, simplicity, fastness, economy, easy popularization, etc. 
With the intensity and improvement of scientific studies, it will make a extra contribution for the motive of human fitness, having a wide improvement and application prospect.

39 reports of dual-core quantum health analyzer ( English model)

01-  Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular 
02-   Gastrointestinal feature 
03-   Liver feature 
04-   huge intestine feature 
05-   Gallbladder function 
06-   Pancreatic feature 
07-   Kidney function 
08-   Lung function 
09-   brain nerve 
10-   Bone disease 
11-   Bone mineral density 
12-   Rheumatoid bone disease 
13-   Blood sugar 
14-   primary physical fine 
15-   Human toxin 
16-   hint detail 
17-   Prostate(male) 
18-   Male sexual characteristic(male) 
19-   Gynecology(lady)
20-   skin 
21-   Endocrine device 
22-   Immune gadget 
23-   Breast(lady) 
24-   diet
25-   Amino Acid 
26-   Bone increase Index 
27-   Eye 
28-   Heavy metal 
29-   allergic reaction 
30-   Coenzyme 
31-  Human of element 
32-  obesity   
33-  Collogen 
34-  Pulse of coronary heart and brain 
35-  Channels and collaterals 
36-  Sperm and semen(male)  
37-  Menstrual cycle(woman) 
38-  Blood lipids 
39-  complete file Card

programs of dual-center Quantum subhealth detector

1, health practitioners: circle of relatives docs, acupuncturists, dietary therapists, reflexologies, opportunity, 
    naturopathic and holistic practitioners, etc. 

2, participants of the Spa and health enterprise. 

3, groups and communities who would like to have a standard health assessment in their personnel 
   or individuals without the need to expensive work ups (even earlier than they turn out to be grossly sick and in need of
    hospitalization or luxurious medications). 

four,agencies that produce or promote fitness merchandise.

five,families who want to screen the fitness situation of their contributors

usage of the twin-middle quantum health analyzer products

1, Insert the USB interface to connect with computer.put the CD in CD-driving force and set up the software.

2.Insert the encryption key (USB interface) to pc then run the software and fill in the information
 of affected person,including name,age,gender

three.allow the patient hold the sensor close

four. Then click at the practise to begin the take a look at 

five.Get the end result and guidelines for the patient

6.The take a look at file can be revealed on paper.

like minded perform computer system of the twin-middle quantum
1, Win98, Win Me, ( deploy Microsoft office is premise)
2, Win XP, Vista, Win 7 32& sixty four bit, Win 8 
3, Win 2000 collection , Win 2008 Server series
4,Apple , Linux pc system isn't always to be had

----EMI Facility available----

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